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Temporary Solution For Agent LOT

Update : 30.10.2015
 Information as recieved :

​​​​Respected Sir/Madam

I am directed to say that in last few days, Agent Portal access has some problems and many MPKBY Agents are not able to create their LOTs through Portal. It has now been decided to invoke Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for accepting their transactions. For this purpose, the whole BCP document circulated earlier is once again attached with a Step by Step Guide for RD Excel sheet in which agents have to enter the data (except those accounts having default/Rebate) and for the Post Office user has to convert this excel into .TXT file. Then this file will have to be uploaded into RD BCP menu mentioned in the document. User has to see result of upload from HPR. If any account number is wrongly entered or accounts having default and advance deposits will be failed.  Solution for accepting Deposits in these accounts at the counter through regular CRDP is being explored and will be circulated separately.  All these transactions will be in "POSTED" state and Supervisor has to use HTV, select "Posted" transactions and verify in bulk. All these transactions would appear in LOT individually.   Only cash transactions will be accepted through this process.

For POSB Cheques we will send solution separately.

It is further mentioned that during the whole process i.e Excel Upload or Accepting deposits at Counter, Agent Commission will not be credited into Agent's Savings Account. For this purpose following procedure should be followed:-

Calculate Agent Commission and TDS outside the system and pay the net commission by cash (as being paid in Sanchaya Post). Make entries manually into Agent Commission Register and Account far the Commission and TDS through SB Cash alongwith other commission paid through Finacle. List of Commission paid can be either prepared manually or this amount can be entered below the other commission paid if any.

It is further informed that the whole responsibility of calculation , payment and Accounting in SB Cash the commission and  TDS will be responsibility of the Post Office concerned.

This process will continue till Agent Portal is fully restored.

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