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7th Pay : Salary Calculator

Seventh Pay Salary Calculator

It's a Generalized Calculator which can be used in any organisation at any time provided that the Input Parameters are correct.

Note: For Uttar Pradesh State Employees Put all fixed allowances such as HRA, CCA, Special etc in "Fixed Allowance" Box. Central Employees continue with HRA % Box

Basic Pay:-                         Current Basic Pay
Rate of DA:- %                 As on 01.01.2016 It would be 0
Rate of HRA:- %              X-24%, Y-16%, Z-8% (Central Govt.)
TA Class:-                         See Below Description
SSA:-               Special Security Allowance % (20% for CBI, NIA etc)
Fixed:-     Fixed Allowance (HRA+Special in Case of State Employees)
Deductions:-       Deductions like Income Tax + CGEGIS etc (Other than NPS)
Gross Pay:- &nbsp
Net Pay:- &nbsp

* Here Net Pay is Calculated by substracting 10% of (basic pay+ DA) from gross Pay and Deductions

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Determining TA Class [Transport Allowance/TPA:

Use Below matrix for determining it: 

Determining Basic Pay and Pay Level:

Multiply your Basic Pay with 2.57

Find the value equal to or just higher than that multiplied value under your Current Grade Pay column. That will be your New Basic Pay. Put that value in Basic Pay Field above to calculate your Salary. The Pay Matrix as recommended by 7th Pay Commission is below: 

Click Image to view in Large

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