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Renaming Tool for CPCs

Renaming Tool For CPCs

Download Link : (Updated Version as on 08.01.2015)

 Click Here to download Renaming Tool V1.3 Setup Format

* Application  works with above 4.0 Version so it may be required.

To Download .Net version 4.0 Click Here [Some Items have been removed due to copyright materials]
    To Download .Net version 4.6 Click Here [Some Items have been removed due to copyright materials]

      Mail Us : to get the necessary files

      Product Description:

      This is designed for Renaming of AOF. Put files in D:\Testcase\Original Folder and start this program. Renamed files would be saved in D:\testcase Folder. 

      Enter Key in textboxes -- To Rename file
      Escape Key in textboxes -- To Skip the file
      A password is required  to open this application which changes over daily basis. You can get password from the below page:

      Get Password Page 

      For any queries or suggestion : 
      Contact : Email -
      Whatsapp : 8765247525 

      How to Use Video Tutorial

      See More:




      Older Versions: [All older Versions have been removed w.e.f 06.12.2015]

      Click Here to download Renaming Tool V1.1 Setup Format


      Click Here to download Renaming Tool V1.1 .exe Format (No setup required)
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