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Windows: Multiple File Search and File List Generation

Multiple File Searching in Windows

Often we come across a situation in windows that we have to search more than one file. So Put File name in the Input below in the following format:


and then Click on Generate button. So now it will generate searchable text in Output box. Select all text from Output box and paste as it is in Windows Search box and Voilaaa!!! Files are there.

Windows Multiple File Search Format
Input: Files in List Form Output: Searchable Format - Copy and put it into search Box of Windows 

File List Generation in Windows

Ok so here's the problem : You have a folder and you want to get all filenames in that folder as a list??
No Problem. Here's the solution:

Method1: Open Notepad

 dir /b > fileslist.txt


dir /b /s > fileslist.txt

and save it as Filelist.bat. 

Now put this file into desired folder and double click it. Voilaaaa.... a file named filelist.txt will be generated containing all file name of that folder.

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