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How to Clear Blocking Validations

How to Check and Clear Blocking Validations:

Step 1: 

  • Invoke HFTI 
  • Select Transaction Status as Entered and Click Go --> Did you find any transaction? If Yes Check the corresponding voucher and verify it by CTM/CRDP/HTM etc whatever the type of transaction it is. If No then see the next :
  • Select Transaction Status as Posted and Click Go --> Did you find any transaction? If Yes Check the corresponding voucher and verify it by CTM/HTM etc whatever the type of transaction it is. 
Troubleshooting for Step 1:

  • For Entered state transactions: If it is in Entered state it may be Deleted or Verified. If you know about this transaction verify it. If you wish to delete it , you can delete it using HTM menu --> Delete option
  • If transaction state is Partially Posted--> You have to verify it. No deletion possible. Ok How??
         Invoke HTM--> Modify put transaction ID in the box, Post it from Counter PA
         Invoke HTM--> Verify put transaction ID in the box, Verify it from Supervisor

Sometimes the above solution doesn't let you post the transaction because may be Counter PA (Teller) has not sufficient amount in its teller Account. So what to be done? Simple just take sufficient fund from Vault, Verify it and then try the above solution.

  • If transaction is Posted --> Invoke HTM --> Verify and verify the transaction from supervisor. If it doesn't let you do so , try verifying from Counter PA Id using the same HTM-->Verify 

    Step 2: 

    • Invoke HFINRPT
    • Go to 3rd Page, 38th No report is EOD Blocking Report, Just generate it.
    • After a while (usually 5 Minutes later), Invoke HPR Menu. See the Blocking Report
    • If there is no Number shown under various headings, then blocking of your office is cleared and you may invoke HISCOD (Provided DC Closure is done). EOD would be done from CPC.
    • If there are no shown under any of the headings, Well its a bit disappointing, Find out the reason and clear blocking validation.
     Troubleshooting for Step 2:

      1. Unverified Transactions: All type of transaction related blockings wether Entered, Posted or Partially posted, It is already mentioned in Step 
      2. Unverified Inventory: This will be there when
      • Any stock entry has been made but not verified
      • Chequebook to some one has been issued and not verified. 
      So what to do in this situation: 
      • Invoke HIMI, Select today's date, Inventory Status : Entered but not authorized and click on Go. There you will get Inventory no. If no Account No is there, It would be stock entry so just invoke HIMC and verify/authorize it
      • If Account no is showin, there might be some Chequebook issue pending for verification. Just note down Account No, and verify it using HICHB
         3. Unverified Account: So you have opened an account and didn't verify it? Ok you have two ways then: 
      • Invoke HAFI --> Put reference No as Blank space, Select Unauthorized radio button, select today's date and Go. It will show up all Unverified things.
      • A less recommended method is to use HOAACVTD Command details of which is mentioned in This Link. Don't Verify or Cancel account using this command. It is just to note down the unverified account No. How? Ok Invoke this command, Select Verify , Click on Searcher and note all account no with today's date. These are the accounts pending for verify. You can enter account no and by clicking Go, it would show up What type of this account no is. So go to relevant Menu command to verify the unverified Account No. 
         4. Unclosed Zones: Well this usually would be the case with Head Offices and it would be most simple or most complicated. If God is with you, Just close the zone with appropriate command (Inward /Outward). If it is not possible and showing error well Contact CPC is the only way.

      Note Make sure whatever you are doing are in consistent with paper work.

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      Disclaimer: Use all above methods at your own risk. These are true to date but might be changes are possible at later dates. Comment the points which we forgot to mention. 

      This is to ease the information flow. This does not represent any department, government, organisation or institution. The information doesn't represent any official order/instructions.

      Feel free to comment. Questions and queries are welcomed.

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