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Pineapple -- India Post Finacle Guide book from POUpdates

       Hello and welcome from PO Updates. Its time to say goodbye to all your finacle problems. Pineapple has come to your rescue. PINEAPPLE is a comprehensive step by step guide for all transactions in India Post finacle. We have created this book so that you can use it while doing your daily transactions. All procedures are up to date. We have also included a section of common issues and solutions which you will find extremely useful. If you have any suggestions and/or if you find any mistakes in the book do contact us. We will rectify them in our future editions. Wish you good luck.

Click Here to download the book.

Pineapple - A Comprehensive step by step guide for India post finacle by poupdates.

Download the book and take a print out. The book contains 126 pages. We have optimized the book for back to back printing. So if possible take back to back printouts.

If you like this book and find it useful you can show us your appreciation by downloading our android app. Download the app and do not uninstall it please. The app by itself is extremely useful. That's the least you can do for us.

Thanks to Team of PO Updates.

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