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How to Use: 

Click Here to download the file

  • Open the .zip file and run the setup.exe.
  • After installation setup.exe , copy the plics.exe and paste and replace in LOCAL DISK C--->PROGRAM FILES---->DOP---->in the place of already exist plics.exe file.
  • Find the CSV GEN shortcut on desktop and press right click on that and go to properties and in comparability section, tick RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and apply changes and then press ok.
  • Open the CSV GEN shortcut and upload the TWO MASTER DATA FILEs which are given in the attached list.
  • In the second option upload the .csv input data which is having POLICY NUMBER,BILL CYCLE MONTH,FROM_DATE AND TO_DATE.
  • Then press CSV FILE GENERATOR and select destination folder and press OK.
  • The generated output file become as sample.csv.
  • Open the .csv file in the second row change to your office PAO CODE for all policies.
  • Save the csv file and upload in McCamish BULK UPLOAD POLICY OPTION.

Courtesy: PoTools

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