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Payment of Leave encashment on Superannuation: DAD Estt.

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (CC) Lucknow Cantt
No. AN/III/337/Gen Corr
Date: -04/03/2016
Sub: – Payment of Leave encashment on Superannuation: DAD Estt.
It has come to the notice of higher authorities that individuals retiring from Sub offices are not getting their Leave encashment on the day of their retirement due to non-receipt/delay in receipt of MLS from respective sub offices.
In view of the above it is impressed upon all Officer- in-charge of all Sub Offices that leave account in respect of officers/Staff retiring or death in service cases, from their offices may invariably be sent to AN-III Section/AN-1A (in case of AO & above) of Main Office by 15th of the month of retirement of the individual along with an undertaking from the individual that he will not avail any EL/ PL till his date of retirement.
Further, to reconcile the leave record of the retiring individual, a separate leave account for the past 06 months may also be forwarded with the MLS.
Strict compliance of the above instructions may be ensured.
ACDA(AN) has seen.
Sr. Accounts Officer

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