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From: Director (CBS) <>Date: 26 May 2016 at 08:23Subject: Re: Regarding pendency of previous FY NSC & KVP
Dear all SPOCs and Respected Heads of Circles

Kindly refer to trail mail. It has been found that in many post offices NSC and KVP of previous financial year are still pending for issue as these offices had not completed this work by 15.4.2016.

Now, Directorate, in consultation with Infosys Team has decided to provide one day window on 29.5.2016 (SUNDAY) for opening NSC/KVP accounts for the previous financial year for which cash or clearing has already been accounted for. For this, User has to select old NSC Scheme Code at the time of issue and printing as scheme code for new NSC has been changed. For KVP, there will be no issue. It has to be ensured that stock against old NSC scheme code is available in the system before issue. All these issues will be reflected in the reports of Monday. 

Please note that this solution will be stopped before start of operations on Monday and during this period, no NSC or KVP for the current financial year should be issued. Therefore, sufficient staff (User and Supervisor) should be called on Sunday based on pending work to complete this task.


CEPT Team will process the relevant patch and do required changes in configuration, once HSCOD for the Saturday is completed by all SOLs and revert the changes before 9 AM of Monday.

Parameter for back value date should also be changed from 30 Days (current setting) to 70 Days during this period so that pending NSC KVPs can be issued. This should also be reverted alongwith other parameters.

Infosys Team

Infosys Team should provide support on the Sunday for completion of this pending work and publish contact details of the support person.

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