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              Cadre restructure order was released from the Directorate to all the circles on 27.05.2016 for only the Group C cadre of Postal operative wing except RMS/SBCO/PM cadre. 

              Since nothing was mentioned about Postmaster cadre in the Cadre Restructure, there are so many myths are being circulated around all the corners of India about the Postmaster cadre restructure. To clarify the officials of Postmaster cadre official this post is published in Tamilnadu Blog.

Myth no 1
There is no Postmaster Cadre detail found in Cadre Restructure report. Hence no such proposal regarding to Postmaster Cadre.

Fact :
The data related to LSG/HSG II/HSG I/HSG I(NFG) posts before/after cadre restructure can be released one cadre by one cadre. Then only data clash won't be occurred. For example if Postal wing LSG number of Posts are clubbed with RMS wing LSG posts, then it would create much confusions while implementing the C.R. So only one cadre by one cadre Cadre restructure order can be released. PM Cadre related instructions shall also be awaiting and may be published shortly.

Myth no 2 :
Since B and C class offices are going to be functioning as LSG with G.P Rs2800/- PM Cadre shall also be placed in B and C class offices since they are getting the same grade pay Rs2800/-

Fact :
No way. Vide Para B of cadre restructure order dated 27.05.16, Norm based LSG posts shall be placed under G.P Rs4200/-. In the same way PM cadre was curved out from 33% norm based LSG posts, PM Cadre would also have been placed under the G.P of Rs4200/-

Myth no 3:
Here after new PM Cadre offices shall be identified from newly announced LSG offices i.e., B and C class offices

Fact :
As per the concept of Cadre restructure implementation, all the PA officials are vested with the opportunities to get the next grade pay before MACP after completion of required eligibility services without any stagnation. If so after 5 years service completed PA can get LSG promotion(B and C class offices SPM posts) and they will automatically be placed without any examination under the G.P Rs.2800. 

But PM cadre officials are placed after the due competitive examinations after 5 years PA service and wont be placed in the same scale of seniority post Grade Pay i.e., Rs.2800/- posted without examinations. Those who are getting the LSG posts after 5 years PA service seniority shall get Rs.2800 grade pay and those who are getting the posts after 5 years PA service and competitive examinations they may be placed under the G.P Rs.4200/-

Myth no 4
Increase in PM Grade I/II/III posts after cadre restructure

Fact :
Yes. PM 1, 2, 3 posts shall be increased as per the recruitment rules of Postmaster cadre in the manner of additional 33% of posts of HSG II, HSG I, HSG (NFG) posts. Required service eligibility may be fixed at Par with general line eligibility conditions.

Myth No 5
Future of Postmaster Cadre!!!

Fact :
At present examination promotional opportunities are very less at the department of Posts and here after the cadre restructure, Postmaster cadre examination will be attractive among the aspirants since without examination PA may get Rs 2800/- G.P after 5 years service and with examination PA may get Rs 4200/- G.P after 5 years service.

After the creation of PM cadre, post offices are running in very effective manner with regular and qualified incumbents, and in future many more charm and intellectual youngsters will opt this Postmaster cadre and department will function even more effective manner under the flagship projects like Payment Bank, Rural-ICT etc.,!!!

Comradely yours,
K. Kalimuthu
Postmaster Grade I
Madurai 625011
Fraternally yours,
R. Rajendiran,
Postmaster Grade I
Kuttalam S.O 609801
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