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Auto Data Entry Tool

Auto Data Entry Tool - MishraJiGPOTool

Objective: This is a utility tool to help persons in automation of Data Entry Work and other uses whichever they want to use.

Usage: This tool is designed to avoid repetition of jobs. Majority of data entry work is combination of some real data with set pattern of Tab/Enter/Space/Backspace/Shift etc keys. So if you know a little excel you can arrange key combination for your data entry job and with the use of this program, voila you get rid of the tedious job of doing the things in a same manner.

Key Combo: A-Z, 0-9 are plain. For special keys use { }. So {Enter}, {Tab} and so on.
For Key with Modifiers look below illustration:
!a presses ALT+a
+a presses Shift+a
!+a presses ALT+SHIFT+a
^V presses CONTROL+V
#e holds down the Windows key and then presses the letter "e"

Example : Suppose you have to Enter Name, then press Tab key then DOB and then Tab Key and then Enter, you can use Name{Tab}DOB{Tab}{Enter} in one line in InputData.txt and run program. Rest is clear with the pictorial Usage. For more details you try on your own PC. It's easy.


There are three variants. If your PC has D drive Download and Use 1st one. Else depending upon which drive you would use to save InputData.txt file, download other drive versions.

Click Here to Download D Drive Version      Updated 18.10.2017
Click Here to Download E Drive Version      Updated 18.10.2017
Click Here to Download C Drive Version      Updated 18.10.2017

Note: Last day 05.12.2017

How to Use:

See the Pictorial Instructions:

Any Issues?

Feel free to ask for more such customized tools for you. Contacts details are there on this page 

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