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How your Clicks are shaping the Course of Tomorrow

Someone told me yesterday that "the world is not going to change by pressing buttons on the computer". He was right or was he!. Let's analyse. In this post we are going to find it out.

How are brain works?

The most complex question. However for this context, it is sufficient to know that our brain is made up of neurons and it has Dendrites that forms the connections between other neurons. As we see something new, a signal is fired which propagates through neurons and a connection is established between neurons that forms the elementry memories. As we encounter more and more the same stuff, the connections get stronger and stronger and thus strong memories are formed which in turn forms our thoughts,  perspectives and notions about the 'things'.

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How Social Media Works:

The images, group of texts, videos etc are termed as 'Objects' and how we deal with those Objects when we encounter them on the Social Media Platforms and other Internet Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Flipkart etc, defines our 'Interactions' such as Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicking on a link, Hover on the objects, Viewing a vedio, making a purchase etc. The Internet Giants have deployed different programs based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms to establish a connection between Objects we encounter and Interactions we made just like our brain does and then the programs form 'thoughts', 'notions' and 'perspectives' on our behalf and starts mining the vast data based on our interactions and produces us only the Objects which it thinks is 'interesting' for you. For alternate reading you can also check the other post: And you thought your data is yours !!!

Effect of Human Brains on Internet and vice-versa: 

Take an example, I am an Britain hater and I just saw a link describing "How Britain Helped India" and I just clicked it out of curiosity. This Click interaction was recorded and the Program has formed a notion that I like these kind of topics. Next time I visited that program / website and it suggested "Britain Loves India" and I started laughing and clicked it to see how the hell is that possible. Meanwhile the program was ascertain that I do like the Britain love India topics. Gradually since I never had seen the other side of the Grass, so I was a hater of Britain but as the program suggested those links, over time my though process began to change about the Britain. 
Thus you see, how both the 'brains' are affecting each other and no doubt, why voilent feelings, extremism etc is increasing day by day due to this machine-man induced thinking processes. 

Is there anything to worry

Of course, the technology that was used to suggest personalized product suggestions to Buyers is now being used to inject a thought process in the society and groups of people. The Government is now capable to inject and spread thoughts in the blooming minds of the youngsters - the "thought" that is in their favour and which is going to change the behavior, perception, habits and even whom they love or hate eventually leading to change the minds of the Voters. 

Thus pressing of buttons are changing the course of worlds.

So What to do now?

Well that's not my concern. Anyways I would suggest you to click my posts, read them, like my page and follow me. For rest of the things they are neither in your control nor in those who created those programs. 

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Original Article by Sarkaari Admi

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