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SafeDrive - A Software for USB/Flash Drive in Windows

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Hello friends, In this post I am going to tell about how to enable/disable USB Drive read write protection. First of all we should know about what is read/ write protection in USB flash drive. Read and write protection is feature provided by windows by which we can secure the pen drive or flash drive. Securing means you can block permission for any thing to copy or delete from removable disk.
  • To enable disable or Write enable/disable USB drive
Features :
Read/write protection in USB flash drive becomes very helpful when we use public computer or cyber cafe. All the public computers are generally infected with viruses. These viruses can infect our flash drive or pendrive. We can prevent this by enabling write protection to our USB flash drive.
This will secure your USB drive/removable drive from many unwanted alteration like virus infection and accidentally loss of data.
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