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Expected DA from January 2019 – 3% ?

Expected DA from January 2019 – 3% ?
All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers – CPI(IW) for November 2018 remained stationary at 302, based on the DA Calculation formula the DA as on November 2018 is 12.31%.
AICPIN for December 2018 is expected on 31st January 2019, even if the AICPIN increase or reduce by 5 points, the DA for the January 2019 will remain at 12%, which means increase of 3% DA is confirmed.
In case AICPIN for the month of December 2018 increase by 6 points i.e 308, then the DA will be 13.01%, so chances to get 4% increase in DA from Jan 2019. but very less chance to get this increase in Dec 2018.
However as per the Index value 3 percent DA hike is confirmed, but we have to wait for the Dec 2018 AICPIN data to finalize.
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