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Promotion Calculator (NEW - 20D): Only for High Court Allahabad Employees

This Calculator is dedicated only for High Court Employees Office Cadres and is based on information as available on the 15.07.2018 in public domain.

So ever wondered when are you going to promote (by natural promotion) after considering removal of 20D, just enter your Employee Id and it will answer you. For proof that this program works just fine, you can check year wise Seniority Index among all (emp id wise) in the Text area given below (Better copy paste that data on Notepad with Word Wrap off): 

Promotion Calculator
 (Refresh Page each time to enter another employee ID)

Enter Employee ID

*Calculations are based on the Vacancy Chart 
*Assumptions: Number of Posts remain the same, No disciplinary action and no Departmental Exam. And also BS Line has not been considered.

Comment your views. 

Special Thanks to Mr. Lav for his contribution.

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