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Utility Tool : Multi Copy and Message Sender - KeyUtility

 Multi Copy and Message Sender - KeyUtility

Objective: This is a utility tool to help persons in multi copy paste and message sending and many more depending upon how you use it.


Example : Suppose you have to send emails with different messages like "Sorry User Not available", "Unlocked Try login after 10 Minutes", "The problem will be resolved after 10 minutes" etc etc. so what if you just can just press keys as below and voila..

F1- "Sorry User Not available"
F2- "Unlocked Try login after 10 Minutes"
F3- "The problem will be resolved after 10 minutes"


Click Here to Download Utility      Updated 27.02.2016

How to Use:

Step 1: Put all text in single notepad file named as InputData.txt in D Drive
The program will read contents line by line and it will assign keys from F1 to F10 for line 1 to line 10 text respectively


Step 2: Start The program by double clicking it.

Step 3: Now as from above example, press F1/F2/F3.....F10 depending upon the need and see the difference.

Step 4: Alternatively you can also put keys in {} for example you wish to program put some text and then enter key just use this combination in text file

Sorry User Not available {Enter}

Step 5: Use Escape (ESC) key to exit program any time

Any Issues?

Feel free to ask for more such customized tools for you. Contacts details are there on this page

Developed By: Md Usmani 

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