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Wrong Account Openings: Finacle Solution

Case 1: Account opened with wrong CIF 

1. Invoke menu HCCA
2. Choose function as MODIFY
3. Enter account no
4. Click on GO (F4)
5. Enter the correct CIF by Deleting the existing CIF
6. Select Modify A/C Name as YES (Mandatory)
7. Choose appropriate Reason code
8. Click on SUBMIT (F10)
9. Verify account number using same menu in supervisor login.

Case 2: Account opened with incorrect value date or incorrect denomination (in case of RD) or incorrect deposit amount (in case of TD/MIS/SCSS )

If the account is not opened through agent the process is simple.
1. Invoke the verification in Supervisor login
2. Choose function as Cancel
3. Enter account id
4. Click on SUBMIT (F10)

If the account is opened through agent the process is a bit tedious. If we had HCRT available first we have to reverse the agent commission and the follow the above 4 steps. But since HCRT is not working let’s see how it is done.

1. First verify the wrongly opened account.
2. Invoke the menu HACXFRSC
3. Choose the function as Transfer
4. Click on GO (F4)
5. Enter the account ID
6. Choose target scheme code as exceptional account.

• For RD account target scheme code as RECURRING DEPOSIT exceptional

• For MIS/TD/SCSS account, target scheme code as MIS/TD/SCSS exceptional account

7. Click on SUBMIT (F10) and note down the instruction no.
8. Verify the instruction no using same menu in supervisor login.
9. Then close the account using appropriate menu and choose closure reason as Exceptional closure. (just follow the normal closure procedures)
10. Verify the closure using appropriate menus.

Open the account again with correct values.
After opening the account, before verification, note down the transaction id related to that account opening using HFTI menu

1. Invoke HFTI menu
2. Enter the Entry user id (User id in which the account was opened)
3. Select transaction status as Entered.
4. System will display all the unverified transactions including Account openings.
5. Note down the Transaction id related to that particular account which was opened wrongly by finding the account number generated.
6. Delete that transaction id in PA login using HTM menu.
7. Verify the deleted transaction using the same menu in supervisor login.
8. Then the account will be opened with Zero balance
9. Close the account using Exceptional closure reason code by making an error entry.
10. Reverse the agent commission from the agents SB Account.
11. Then open the account again with correct values.
Case 3: Wrongly opened certificates
Since each certificate is treated as individual account in Finacle you can follow the same procedures as explained above but you have to follow the steps for each certificate.

Case 4: Multiple account openings

Many times we get “System could not get response from server” while doing transactions. If you get this error while opening new accounts, 99% the account will be opened. Don’t press SUBMIT button again and again when you get this error. The number of times you press the button, the number of times the account will be opened. So for Sachin tendulkar’s sake don’t press the submit button again and again when you get System could not get response from server error while opening new accounts or issuing new certificates. Use HFTI or HAFI menus to check if the account is opened or not. Only after you are absolutely sure that the account is not opened, you can open the account again.

If multiple accounts are opened, you can follow steps in Case 2 above and close the extra account openings. Make sure you deduct excess agent commission payment if any.

Courtesy : DopFinacle
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