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Original Qoutes Collection of Author Part 1

This is a collection of Original Creation by Nilesh Mishra

दोहा- जाकी रही भावना जैसी प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी।
संदर्भ- नीरव मोदी
प्रसंग - बैंक घोटाला
सरकार समर्थक - सरकार के डर से भागा
सरकार विरोधी - सरकार की शह पे भागा
अंक- आप दें 

एक सज्जन थे, आशुतोष महाराज, 8 मार्च को गुलाब का पुष्प अपनी हथेलियों में लेकर आखेट पर निकले। हर नारी शक्ति के समक्ष गुलाब का पुष्प प्रस्तुत करके 3 सेकण्ड इन्तेजार करते। नारी मुस्कुराई तो "Belated Happy Vallentines Day" , गुर्राई तो "Happy Womens Day"

होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं विशेष तौर पर उनको जिनकी कोई Holiday नही है और जो आज भी कही फ़ाइलो में खोये होंगे, EOD करा रहे होंगे, Client Work निपटा रहे होंगे , किसी की सुरक्षा में कहीं ड्यूटी दे रहे होंगे या पीकर कहीं पड़े होंगे।

Exams now a days be like:
Fill online form for Peon / Group D posts in 5 steps, give aadhar details, authenticate aadhar, then Mobile No OTP, then Email OTP then god knows OTP, then Your bank detials along with IFSC code, submit 500-1000 rupees, then appear in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 ..... Tier n exams conducted online offline mode and all will get leaked at some point. Then Court, cancellation and even if someone secured to get a position, he would have crossed all age bars, lost his young days and mentally depressed thinking "isse better to Private me hi kar leta"
(01.03.2018 on SSC Scams)

The Interview Series 2:
Interviewer- What is the best way to make balance between family and office?
Employee- Postpone your marriage till retirement.
Interviewer- Ohh ok suppose in a sinking boat your wife and girlfriend are there and you can save one . Whom would you save?
Employee- Girlfriend.
Interviewer-Why not wife?
Employee- Wife would kill me knowing I have another one.

The Interview Series 1:
Interviewer- Suppose you come to know some day that your wife has extra marital affair with someone, Whom would you kill- the wife, the someone or yourself?
Employee- My boss.


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