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Minutes of the Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17.07.2018

Minutes of First NAC Meeting Held on 17.07.2018 – NC JCM Staff Side
Minutes of the Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17.07.2018
The meeting of the 7 CPC National Anomaly Committee was held today (17/7/2018). Shri Chandramoul i, Secretary (P), DOPT presided over this meeting. The Department of personnel had identified the following six items only for discussion:
I. Item No. 3- Removal of condition of 3% stipulated to grant bunching benefit
2. Item NO 4- Fixation of pay on promotion
3. ltme No. 5- Removal of Anomaly in Pay Matrix
4. Item No 8- Lesser Pay in higher level of Pay Matrix
5. Item No. 9 ~ Bunching of steps in the revised pay structure
6. Item No. 14 – Grant of GP 5400 to Sr Section Officer of Railways and AAOs of IA&AD and Organised Accou:1ts (Civil Accounts, Postal Accounts and Defence Accounts)
The above items were subjected to discussions and the fo llowing decisions were taken.
Item No 3 – The Govt. will consider as to how the matter could be resolved after assessing financial implications
Item No 4 – The suggestion of the Staff Side to fix the pay on promotion at the next higher stage after granting one increment was not accepted. After discussion it was agreed that Govt would address the issue on case by case basis. Those who are covered by the anomaly described under this item have been advised to make representation to Fin. Ministry directly. The staff side however insisted that the entire anomaly would he resolved if two increments are granted while on promotion/MACP.
Item No. 5 & 8 – it was agreed by the official side that this is an aberration ·and shall be addressed.
Item No 9- Rejected by official side
Item No 14 – The matter is under consideration of the Govt…….
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