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NPS Calculator: Know what you get in NPS and compare with OPS when you retire

NPS Calculator for all Victims who joined Government Service after 2004. The default values are assumed for an employee who joined service in 4800 Grade Pay (Pay Matrix level 8) and while 7th Pay Commission came into existence. You can change values according to you. If find any error, let me know in the comments.

UPDATE (05.07.2020): The calculator has been modified to consider the Basic and DA merger at each pay commission starting from 2026 and on subsequent 10 years. It also provides you a difference between Your expected Pension in NPS scheme and Old Pension Scheme.

Enter Initial Basic Pay (When Joined the Service):-

Rate of initial DA (When Joined the Service):-

Expected Increase in DA per 6 Month:-

Age when Joined the Service:-

Year of Joining the Service:(Enter Value on or after 2016)-

Expected Average Returns on Funds (in Percentage):-

Your and Government Total Contribution:-
Total Returns on Funds:-

Total NPS Amount at Your Retirement:-

So at Retirement You will get Lump Sum amount in hand (60%):-

This Amount You will have to invest in a pension Plan (40%):-

And This will be your Pension Per Month (Assuming 6% annuity rate and 20 years you will live):-

* Here It is assumed that the person has joined his services after implementation of 7th Pay Commission and Incoming Pay Commissions in 2026 and subsequent 10 years and merging basic and da at each Pay Commission without any additional fitment factor. So Final NPS amount would be more than expected but not less

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