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NPS Vs OPS: A comparative Analysis of the Expected Pensions in New & Old Pension Schemes

Have you checked my NPS Calculator? If not, go there and check it out and get what amount of pension you will get when you retire in both New Pension Scheme and Old Pension Scheme.

Based on above calculator, I have prepared a comparative data with following assumptions:
1. Employees joined at the age of 21, 30 and 40 years
2. Employees joined in the year 2016 in 1800 (Pay Level 1), 2400 (Pay Level 4), 4200 (Pay Level 6), 4800 (Pay Level 8) and 5400 (Pay Level 10)
3. Pay commission came into force in year 2026 and subsequently after each 10 years and in the pay commission, only Basic Pay merged with Dearness Allowance and no additional fitment factor has been considered. 
4. Ofcourse assumed no promotion and no withholding of Increment 

And here's the Comparative Chart. I know you won't believe it, but it turns out that NPS is more beneficial when you joined the service at Lower Ages and becomes painful when you join the service at older ages. Any criticism or suggestions are most welcomed.

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Comparative Charts
Note: Blue Line for NPS Orange For OPS

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