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Pay Fixation Calculator (As per latest Government Orders in accordance with 7th Pay Commission)

In light of recent clarifications and Government Orders (both Central and Uttar Pradesh State Government) issued in the month of April 2020, this Pay Fixation Calculator has been developed. It is a simple calculator that can help you determine what will be your Basic Pay when you got promotion / ACP / MACP on or after 2016. Basically it is for U.P. State Government Employees but it will work for Central Employees also as the Pay Matrix and Fixation Rules are the same.
Click here to See Government Orders (Shashanadesh) issued by U.P. State Government regarding Pay Fixation.
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Present Level:
Present Basic Pay :-
Pay Level on Promotion / ACP / MACP:
Date of Promotion/ACP/MACP:
Increment Month
Option for fixation of pay

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