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EOY Instruction 2018-2019 and unverify accounts

You are all aware that we are nearing the end of the financial year when interest calculation and posting are due for SB Product accounts.

1. CBS Post Offices should ensure that no unverified account or modification in accounts of SB/PPF/SSA/NSS-87/NSS-92 remains unverified as interest is not calculated for any account if any modification is unverified. Concerned staff should be alerted so that such lapses may be avoided , Respective menu to be used for verification or cancellation 

Unverified SBA product accounts division wise list attached , 

Following are the GL Heads 
SB - 30001
PPF - 33001
NSS87 -30021
NSS92 -30022
SSA - 30042

2.   If the deposit accepted in a PPF account in the initial financial year is less than Rs.500-, then the account is treated as Invalid , Hence i request make deposit RS 500 /- and alert customer

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