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Movies / Web-Series Recommended by #SarkaariAdmi

Following are the Movies recommended by #SarkaariAdmi

1. Interstellar: Science Fiction Trailer
2. Shawshank Redemption: Drama, Inspirational Trailer
3. Pursuit of Happyness: Drama, Inspirational  Trailer
4. Fifty First Dates: Romantic Comedy Trailer
5. Schindler's List: Drama, Inspirational Trailer
6. Groundhog DayRomantic Comedy Trailer
7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Romance Trailer
8. Sada Adda: Hindi Comedy Trailer
9. Forrest Gump: Comedy, Inspirational Trailer
10. The Silence of Lambs: Pschyco, Thriller Trailer
11. Saving Private Ryan: War Time Trailer
12. Good Will Hunting: Drama, Inspirational Trailer
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Drama Trailer
14. The Prestige: Drama Trailer
15. A Beautiful Mind: Inspirational Trailer
16. Gone Girl: Thriller Trailer
17. Hacksaw Ridge: War-Time Trailer
18. No Counrty for Old Man: Thriller Trailer
19. Catch Me If You Can: Drama Trailer
20. The Sixth Sense: Drama, Horror Trailer
21. The Truman Show: Comedy Trailer
22. The Great Gatsby: Drama, Romantic Trailer
23. Inception: Sci-Fi Trailer
24. Source Code: Sci-fi, Thriller Trailer
25. Deja Vu: Sci-Fi, Thriller Trailer
26. The Matrix: Sci-Fi Trailer
27. The Terminal: Comedy, Inspirational Trailer
28. Shutter Island: Mystery Trailer
29. Blood Diamond: Action Trailer
30. The Time Machine: Sci-Fi Trailer
31The King's Speech: Drama Trailer
32Predestination: Sci-Fi Trailer
33Frequency: Sci-Fi Trailer
34. Theory of Everything: Sci-Fi Trailer
All above movies are available on Fmovies. (Try Google Search)
Following are the Web-Series recommended by #SarkaariAdmi

1. Sacred Games: Hindi, Crime, Comedy, Mystery, In two Parts  - 8 Episodes in each part, Available on Netflix
2. House Of Cards: Politics, Session 1 to 3 each having 14 Episodes. Available on Netflix.
3. Delhi Crime: Crime. Available on Netflix.
4. Chernobyl Miniseries: Science Tragedy. 
5. Criminal Justice: Crime. Available on Hotstar.
6. Mind Hunters: Crime. Available on Netflix
7. The Family Man: Spy Fiction. Available on Amazon Prime

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