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UP Government Servants Pay Fixation Government Order (Shashanadesh) Dated 13.04.2020

UP Government issued a new Government Order (Shashanadesh) on 13.04.2020 which you can view it from here (संख्या- 3/2020/वे0आ0-2-258/दस-2020-04(एम)/2016 Dated 13.04.2020.

  1. If you promoted or granted ACP on your increment day (say 01 July 2019) then your next increment will be due on 01 January 2020 and subsequent increments after completion of 1 year i.e. 01.01.2021, 01.01.2022. Basically your increment month changes.
  2. If you promoted / grated ACP benefits any time and you opted date of next increment (Say 01 July 2019) for pay fixation then your next increment will due on 01 January 2020 and subsequently after one year i.e. 01 January 2021, 01 January 2022 etc. 
For Illustration and Comparison, You can visit the Pay Fixation Calculator here

If you want to see other UP Government Orders related to Pay Fixation, Visit this link.

UP Shasanadesh] उत्तर प्रदेश शासनादेश ...

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