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Pendency of Cases in High Courts of India : A Mathematical View

Indian Judiciary is probably the largest in terms of number of cases. The delay in disposal of cases has always been a matter of criticism for it. The complex system of Justice delivery has made majority of people deprived of the justice resulting loss of faith in the Indian Judiciary for a few years back when many people have to wait for 10s of years for getting Justice. The expenses for getting Justice specially in Criminal cases has broken many people and ultimately they just back off. 

"Justice  Delayed is Justice Denied"

This has proven to be highly relevant specially in case of Indian Judiciary. Keeping in view all the problems and grievances of the public and limited number of Judicial Officers with limited Space and resources, Government started to digitize the legal system of the nation to eliminate hectic paper works and providing easy access to the legal information in Public Domain. 

One of such Innovation is the creation of National Judicial Data Grid a.k.a. NJDG which has now enable the Government and Public to have a close watch on the disposal and pendency of the cases in length and breadth of the country. What is NJDG and other details about it can read out from Its website

Lets see what it reflects in case of High Courts. As on today i.e. 04.04.2018 the data is shown below for All High Courts of India:


Now with this speed and given that same Infrastructure, Staff and Judicial Officers, It would take around 43 Years to clear out the pendency along with the cases being filed. 

Lets See the Largest High Court of Asia in no. of cases i.e. Allahabad High Court:

So basically the Criminal Cases are dominating (Writ will be greater of course) in Uttar Pradesh unlike in the Country where Civil Cases are higher. Now come to the main question, When will it clear out the pendency. So the Paradoxical Answer is, despite of so much cases (Imagine, 2nd place is of Bombay High Court which has Half of pending cases as of Allahabad High Court) and ever increasing crime rate, it would take around 5 Years only to clear out the pendency of old cases along with cases being filed. 

So stay hopeful the people and staff of Allahabad High Court. These 5 years are definetely going to be a tough and game changer, but eventually this data leads to a Happy Future atleast for the Public who has always criticized the Indian Justice System.

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