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Why I left the IT Job : The Profile Analysis

In the late 2018, a report was published in a National Level News Paper that IT Sector will generate 2.5 Laksh Jobs in India in the year 2019. The IT Sector has been a lucrative career option among youngsters for its white collar profile, tremendous growth and yes of course - the Foreign tours. But still many people left this sector and their bright career prospects to secure a Government Job where their salary is almost half and promotion avenues are no where comparable. So why did those bright minds left the IT Sector?

The following analysis is based on interviews and conversations with such persons whose alma-matter were NITs and who worked in big MNCs such as Citi Corps., CISCO, Infosys, TCS etc at a package more than 14LPA.

Why you joined the IT Sector?

For its growth, huge packages, exposure, Saturday - Sunday Offs, International Work Standards, Companies taking well care of it's employees specially who go for onsite work. Also this is the Sector which is dominating each and every sector be it Automobile, Automation, Robotics, AI etc. It has great versatility of work. Being in IT sector is not just about coding, there are plenty of  other works like report generation, research, data analysis etc and you will find yourself learning new things through out your working life. Your experience gets you higher packages more than any other sector in the world. That's why we joined the IT Sector.

Then why you left it for a less paying Government Job?

  • Because of constant pressure. You will feel that pressure only when you are in that sector or have worked there. The pressure of always ahead of others - ready to replace you. The pressure of completion of targets within the prescribed time. Many times we are supervised by non-technical Managers who just frame the deadline like plain maths. It involves brain-work , you solve a problem and a new one pops out from somewhere and now that takes away all the attention leading to delays and irresistible pressure from above and clients. 
  • Except some companies, there is a constant pressure of loosing your job. You are always competed by your peers, seniors and the new blood continuously coming to this sector. After a certain age, your ability to learn new things reduces and there your chances of getting kicked out increases. It's not always easy to switch. It's good for the youngsters prior to age of 30 but thereafter, either you have to be in competition or have to go in managerial line to ensure safety of your job.
  • The New Technologies are our best friends and best enemies. You come here with the knowledge of a new technology at that time and soon, may be less than 2 years a more advanced technology might replace it, and so do you. The analysis software you made may some day kick out you too along with the employees of client's company for which you made it with your team.
  • Forget about Saturday Sundays and work from facilities. You are always on Job be it your office desktop or your laptop at home. The Project must be completed at any cost. 
  • IT Sector generates a large number of jobs because of start-ups and many start-ups either merge with Giants or loss in the ocean and so do your job status.
  • We preferred a Government Job because of its stability. Here there is no pressure to learn new things in a short span. You will get your time here. Plenty of leaves, initially some problems because of Sarkari Attitude of your seniors or Bosses but within 6 months you will adapt and from next year onwards, you will start enjoy as there is repetition of task and who is better to handle them than a Software Master.
  • There is no compassionate appointments in IT firms, whereas in Government Sector it still does. So after your sudden death, atleast your family will not suffer that much because of financial reliance. 
  • After a certain age, you need socialization rather huge amount of money. And socialization comes with stability of posting of job and job - security. With the pay commissions and yearly increments in Basic Pay and Dearness Allowances, the huge package of IT sector will be compensated by the steady growing Government Job. 
  • You can give time to your hobbies and other interests in Government Jobs which is not a case in IT sector. In the Government Sector, once you left the office, you are no longer on the duty. It has a more human touch than working like a machine in the IT Sector. And also it's a matter of choice as what you wants in life. Government Sector is surely not for high ambition people but for us it's way better than our last double triple paying IT Job. 
  • There is much - Public touch, power, prestige, stability, calmness, peace of mind, Family Time and many more. Although monotony, slow promotions and slow growth will compel you to think "Did I made a right choice" but believe me, money is not all thing. If you get a sufficiently large amount in Government Sector which is mostly a case, then it is way more than that of private counter part. 
What Advise you would tender for the readers?

  • The same as told you above. Stick to your IT Job if you are interested in Huge money and having ambition for settling in foreign nation. But if you want to peace and a good family life and you have an option to get a Government Job (Other than Group C or D Jobs) which is very difficult provided the stiff competition, We would advise to surely give it a go and don't think too much. You will always have an option to go back within 2 years. 
  • And also check the Job profile of Government Job before making a choice as not all the profiles are having that attractive. And never choose for a Group C or Group D Job and always try to have Group B or Group A Job in the Government Sector.

Original Article by #SarkaariAdmi

Special Thanks to S. Singh, A. Goswami and many more.
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