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Original Short Story by Nilesh Mishra : The Almighty Electron

This is a collection of Original Creation by Nilesh Mishra

Short Story: The Almighty Electorn

It was a time, when the atheists emerged the largest among world's other religious groups discarding all the anticipations made by Pew Research Centre's Report published in year 2012. It was a moment of triumph, but soon within a few years, they realized that their life has become tasteless. They could celebrate neither festivals nor functions because they knew there is no such things. Many tourist spots, books & movies became futile for them as they existed because of concerning religions. To counter this problem a meeting of all top representatives of atheists people was called. In the meeting it was resolved that their group should too have a God to bring back the taste in their lives. But who should be the one!
After considering several options they finally halted over the nomination of Electron as their God. Later on, after consulting several renowned scientists following God like properties of Electron emerged:
1. Electron is omnipresent but it can't be seen.
2. Electron is inside and outside of everything. It is behind electric and magnetic fields of matter.
3. It is wave and matter at the same time. It's so mysterious that you never ever can determine its precise location and speed.
4. The modern day's Double Slit experiments have suggested that it knows about it being observed and strange properties have also been shown in the quantum entanglement experiments. Thus it is omniscient.
5. The One Electron Theory has suggested that the universe is made of just one electron which is exhaustively exploring all possible outcomes of states in past present and future without any restriction causing an illusion of multiple electrons confirming the "One God" & "Maya Moh" theories.
The Atheist committee finally approved the proposal and accepted the Almighty Electron as their God. Now they celebrates Electron Day each year as their Christmas festival. They have installed monuments in the memory of Electron. Now they have their own Mytholical & Religious books, literature and movies. In short they are happy with their New Religion and it's Culture and have started developing orthodoxes and sense of superiority that other religions suffered earlier.

Nilesh Mishra

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